Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monogramming Basics: Guide to Buying Customized Monogram Phone Cases

To rephrase a popular saying: the sweetest-sounding word to a man is his name. And there’s just something in each and every one us that make us delighted to have it marked on our possessions. This is where monogramming takes its charm. Basically composed of one or more letters, monograms have been widely used identification designs since time immemorial to mark status, power, skills, and ownership throughout different periods of history. With the rise and fall of their significance, there came a time when monogramming was left only to the privileged and the gifted. However, modern technology has made monogramming more accessible and affordable to many and is often used as a creative form of expressing one’s personal style. You can find monograms almost anywhere: logos, cars, household furnishings, shirts, event invitations such as weddings etc.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Customized Monogram Phone Cases: Add Aesthetic Appeal and Protection

It’s no secret that people are stuck to their cell phones every single day. Cell phones have evolved over the past few years, with more and more features being added with each new improvement. It has come to the point where cell phones have everything you can ask for. They even have some of the functions you’d look for in a computer, only in a more portable (and much more accessible) form. Since it’s inevitable that you would have the same cell phone model as someone else, making yours look unique means making use of customized monogram phone cases. There are so many designs out there that a person is sure to find one that would suit their tastes and style.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Gifts You Can Personalize with a Monogram

When people think of gifts nowadays, they often miss one of the essential facets: that they are giving it to someone dear to them. Just giving a piece of jewelry or some knickknack is easy enough to do. However, if you really want something that your loved one or friend will treasure, personalizing it with a monogram would be a positive gesture. Here are a few examples of gifts that you can personalize.

  • Jewelry. You'd think that a shiny ring or necklace would be enough to please a person. It is a beautiful gift, but without a special touch, it tends to be impersonal and interchangeable with other jewelry pieces. Giving a personalized piece would be much better, especially when engraved with a special message.
  • Bags. A personalized bag would be much appreciated by your recipient because he or she gets to carry it around. Bags are a popular choice because they’re useful and handy, and the owner can show off his/her gift.
  • Phone Cases. Another accessory that gets carried around a lot are phone cases. Your loved one will like being unique when people’s attention is on his/her smartphone.

Personalized gifts make people feel special and loved. Consult a local monogram expert to create the ideal customized gift for your loved one.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Why You Might Need a Cellphone Case

When you get your hands on your new phone, you’ll want to do everything it takes to protect them from drops and scratches. Though you might opt to use your phone as it is, some people will want to buy cell phone cases to give them peace of mind while at the same time giving them more ways to personalize their phones.

You might ask yourself, “Do I really need a cell phone case?” If you’re still unsure, here are the many reasons why you might need to get one ASAP.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Usage and Fashion of Smartphone Casings

Gadgets these days are so sophisticated, that they combine the functions of numerous devices into one small and convenient package. Take the current iterations of smartphones: they have processing powers comparable to laptops, and they can act as a phone, computer, digital music player, and camera, among many other features. For all their portability and utility, however, smartphones are quite fragile, and often require extra care on part of the user to prevent damage.

Fortunately for many a smartphone user, there are smartphone cases available that can add a layer of protection to any phone. Typical phone cases may not look like much, but they can mean the difference between an intact device and a cracked screen. Numerous third-party manufacturers have their take on the smartphone case, resulting in a variety of designs for countless phone models.